Our Story

Hello, my name is Hayleigh; the one woman band behind Lyra & Atlas, and Mimi to two beautiful little humans. I run this creative venture from our little home near the Cotswolds. As an unschooling family, I have the joy of creating whilst my children weave through my legs, running their hands through the rope, and embracing as many cuddles as possible.

The Knots

For me, Macrame began as a form of therapy (in 2017) as a coping mechanism.

After the arrival of our second born, a beautiful boy, it soon became apparent that I was fighting Post Natal Depression, and these knots became my moving meditation. I often get lost in my creations - it allows me to stop and start really soak in this precious time at home with my little ones. 


Macrame Art, Knot Magic and Creative Circles

Imbued with magic.

Planet friendly ethos woven into every piece.