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Looking for a bespoke piece?

I would adore the opportunity to work with you to create a beautifully intuitive piece with you (or the lucky recipient) in mind - be it adorned with gifts from Gaia or just the simplicity of cotton and wood.

I may ask a few simple questions or for some feedback on previous creations which inspire you or catch your eye, then we can begin to put something special in motion.

Prices will vary depending on time, complexity and materials and the same goes for creation time (though on average, it's usually 2-3 weeks). I take a deposit (20%) on agreement and quotes are fixed unless the design changes - but this will always be discussed first.

Please pop me an email with a little information on what you're looking for to or use the contact form to get in touch and start planning!


Macrame Art, Knot Magic and Creative Circles

Imbued with magic.

Planet friendly ethos woven into every piece.

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