A:   Witney, Oxfordshire

E:  lyraandatlas@gmail.com

Lyra & Atlas



(the first draft...)

Everything I do here at Lyra & Atlas takes the planet, our Earth, into account. Every. Little. Decision. Even at home, we live a vegan lifestyle, use minimal plastic and reuse as much as we can. Our littlest tribe member even wears reusable nappies (as did his sister).

All cotton used in creations by Lyra & Atlas is recycled (even scraps are put to use) and crystals are sourced by proud geologists from all over the world. Even the dye I use is homemade from plants and spices, right here in my kitchen.

I used to create dreamcatchers using metal hoops, but it feels much more in line with Lyra & Atlas to create them as I do now: with branches taken from the floor or harvested gently from the trees in my mothers garden. I weave and dry these myself and I am in love with how they have turned out!

The branches are collected very carefully from the garden in which I grew up, the same space in which my children now enjoy the elements. Occasionally we bring a few sticks home from woodland walks (which are left to dry out for weeks and weeks - no chemicals used on these branches) but only if the woodland floor is abundant with rich material for the Earth to absorb.

The packaging I use is always either recycled or recyclable. From pieces of material which are no longer used to brown paper, but also bubble wrap which myself, friends and family have received and kept for another use. Often the outer package itself isn't the prettiest, but I can assure you it is packed with love!

If you have been following my journey on social media, you will probably have noticed that I am often promoting other small business - these are the people who care. No heavily manufactured goods with insane amounts of waste and packaging, just beautiful and thought out products curated with passion and care.

These are just a few things going on behind the scenes... I'm hoping to do more and to share more as time goes on! I am always open to your amazing ideas - the planet needs US!

The reason this is a 'first draft' is because I am very passionate about the planet and how we try to help - so much so that I am unable to find the words to share my story. I find it a very emotional subject. Please know my inbox is always open to questions and suggestions.