"Sustainability and planet friendly ethos woven into every piece"


All cotton used in creations by Lyra & Atlas is recycled cotton (even scraps are put to use) and most of the time, colour used will be created from botanicals, foraged or gathered to make natural dyes. For some pieces, hemp is used - an undemanding natural resource.



The branches are collected very carefully from the garden in which I grew up, the same space in which my children now enjoy the elements, and only when the trees need pruning. Occasionally we bring a few sticks home from woodland walks (which are left to dry out for weeks and weeks - no chemicals used on these branches) but only if the woodland floor is abundant with rich material for the Earth to absorb.

I have quite an affinity with the wood I use - especially the willow which was planted the same year I was born.

crystal grid, willow hoops


I source crystals through a family owned wholesale company and other trusted small businesses. I am in regular contact with all of the above and they either visit or have contact with the mines regularly.


Packaging is always either recycled or recyclable. We use surplus materials, tissue paper, deadstock card and lots of repurposed boxes - and all of which, I can assure you are packed with a whole lotta love!


Macrame Art, Knot Magic and Creative Circles

Imbued with magic.

Planet friendly ethos woven into every piece.