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Free Macrame Pattern

Here is a little tutorial to help you to create a mini macrame wall hanging using just three (well, two and a half...) knots!

A mini macrame wall hanging on a clipboard, with a bright cushion, some crystals, a hand adorned with rings and a wooden logo.
The finished piece!

Sometimes the world can get a little (/lot) overwhelming and we need to find new ways to keep our minds busy. Macrame is a beautiful way to immerse yourself in some therapeutic knots, or as I like to call it, my moving meditation.

You can use various places to hang your piece to keep it steady whilst creating, I used a clipboard but often use a hook over the living room door!!

This pattern is suitable for almost any level - even if you haven't done any macrame before (older kids included) - and all of the knots used are linked (and will open in a separate browser). I really hope you enjoy...


What you will need:

-Cotton rope (I've used 4mm single ply recycled cotton by Whimsy Designs), you'll need 8 lengths of 2.5 metres (or there are some pre-cut lengths available on my shop)

-Scissors to cut the rope

-A tape measure

-A wooden dowel or branch*, approx 15.5cm

-A door hook, S hook & rail or clipboard (to work from/secure your piece)


We will be using these knots:

-Square knot

-Larks head knot

-Half square / spiral knot

(click link to be taken to the knot tutorial)


Here we go...

1- if you haven't already, cut eight lengths of rope to approximately 2.5 metres in length then attach each length to the branch/dowel using a larks head knot. Add two, then leave a 1cm gap before adding the next two (and so on)

2- Starting from the left, take the first four cords and create a square knot

3- Take the next four cords and create another square knot, then repeat until you have created a line of square knots along the branch/dowel

4- Starting from the left again, decrease by two cords (move them to the side so you don't get muddled) and use the next four cords to add another square knot - these will join two of the previous square knots

5- Continue across as before, four cords per knot (a), until you don't have enough left and two cords are left unused on the right (b)

6- Follow steps 2+3 again for another full row of square knots - this should make three rows of staggered square knots

7- Starting from the left again, use the first four cords to create a spiral knot, continue to add more spiral knots until your spiral is approximately 3cm long, then repeat with the next four (and so on) until you have created a row of spiral knots

8- Add a square knot to the bottom of each spiral knot (a) to create a row of square knots (b)

9- Bring all the cords back in (a) and create another full row of square knots (b)

10- Decrease by two cords, leaving two unused on either side, and create another row of square knots

11- Keep decreasing by dropping a further two cords either side, leaving four cords unused either side (a), then six unused cords either side (b) and one square knot in the centre - creating a triangle shape with the knots (c)

12- Add back two cords from either side and create a row of square knots (a) with the eight cords in use, then repeatedly add two cords for each row until you have a full row and no unused cords again (b+c)

13- Repeat steps 9-11 to turn the triangle into a diamond shape - then trim! (The trim is totally up to you, I created a 'V' shape) - She's finished!!

I would love to see your finished creations! Be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram by using @lyraandatlas and #lyraandatlastutorials - I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and please pop me a message or comment with any questions, queries or feedback!

Hayleigh Xx


*always be sure to find your branches in a sustainable way, if they are freshly cut or damp at all, allow them to dry fully and some branches may need to be stripped and cleaned before they can be used - inspect regularly to ensure they don't contain any bugs.


This blog post (including images) are Copyright of Hayleigh Walker, Lyra&Atlas

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