Goddess Brigid

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Flowers grow beneath her footsteps, as she brings her healing fires to cleanse the Earth.

Come with me on a journey with our amazing Goddesses, as we explore a little about who they are and what they stand for, and delve into your own soul to see how you can embody their power and magick in your own life (with journal prompts and a look at the macrame creations they ignite)


A little about Goddess Brigid...

An oracle card showing Brigid, surrounded by flowers and crystals.
'Brigid' card from 'The Goddess Oracle', illustrated by Hrana Janto

Brigid (Breej, Brighid, Brigit) is the Celtic Goddess of Fire, Healing, Divinity, Inspiration, Smithcraft and Poetry.

Born to Dagda, the God of Druids, with flames reaching from her crown and linking her up to the Source - and a member of the Tuatha De Dannan (an ancient tribe of magickal folk from early Ireland)

She is known as a triple Goddess, with some saying she had two sisters and others saying she was the embodiment of all three. Her Maiden form emerges during the celebration of Imbolc - the mid-point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox - and brings with it fertility and new life.

The Pagan Goddess Brigid was adopted by the New Christians and in 450 a.d. became St Brigid. Her eternal flame burns in Kildare, Ireland, and is attended by nineteen nuns and preistesses. It is said that on the twentieth day of each month, so comes to tend her own flame.


Work with Brigid - Journalling Prompts

Find yourself somewhere calm to sit and grab your journal or a pen and paper. You may wish to set some candles out (see below for 'Candle Meditation') or find some herbs or crystals - there are many which are associated with Brigid (such as Amethyst) but never doubt your intuition.

Sit comfortably with you back straight, crown drawn towards the sky, root to the Earth, take a few breaths and call in Brigid (and any other spirits, guides or beings you wish to call on).

When you feel ready, take a look at the following prompts and see what comes up for you. Don't think too hard, allow your thoughts to spill out through your pen.

*What brings you inspiration?

*What lights up your energy?

*Do you feel your path has lost direction?

*What does Brigid want to show you?

*What keeps your fire burning?

She is here, she is with you.

Keep tending your fire, you cannot be extinguished.


Honouring Brigid - Candle Meditation

Brigid's fires are not those of destruction, they are cleansing. Her fires do not destroy that which they touch, the flames do not cause ruin and pain - they bring peace and healing.

Candle meditation is a beautiful practise

A beautiful way to honour Brigid is through candle meditation.

Find a candle - often white is used, or green, but the intention is what matters the most - and create a calm and nourishing space for yourself. You may wish to dress the candle with herbs, spices, markings or oils (whatever you do, be sure to keep safe and follow fire safety).

Light your candle and watch the flame...

Imagine what you wish to grow with the flame, see what comes through as the fire dances and flickers.


Goddess Brigid - Macrame Interpretation

The Magnolia frame (and a bunch of mugwort drying out)

Brigid certainly stoked my creative fires after a winter in hibernation.

Following a very difficult few months, I was glad to meet this beautiful fiery deity.

Magnolia was the branch of choice... her blooms are so deeply feminine and healing, and even though the Magnolia tree is associated with the element of Water, she felt the perfect fit for Brigid - who has many wells dedicated to her name.

The branches are less bare as the cotton is added and forms are taking shape.
Creation Stages - adding cotton and taking shape.

The Magnolia branches were tied with earthy brown hemp and there is was - the Brigid Cross. Nothing like what I had planned, something entirely different... and I am here for that kind of creation!

With shapes inspired by Celtic patterns created in recycled cotton. After much deliberation, I kept coming back to Amethyst for her inclusion; a stone often associated with Brigid because of it's powers of divinity and healing.

I felt a very personal connection the moment I saw Brigid, she made me realise I was not failing but that I was living with the seasons. My fire is still burning even through the winter, the seeds are laying in wait - and they will emerge in good time.

I am on my path and my path is leading to beautiful places; even when the journey seems to be leading through places where I do not feel inspired.

Here she is in all her glory... Brigid, a macrame interpretation.

Don't allow your fire to dwindle, feed it with love, passion, creativity - whatever it needs to burn bright - and plant your seeds, nourish them and nurture them.

You will bloom and your fire will dance.

I can't wait to explore our next Goddess together.

Brigid is available to adopt (click here)

(for commissions or to enquire about a recreation, email lyraandatlas@gmail.com)



-Photos, words and macrame by Hayleigh Walker of Lyra&Atlas. All rights reserved.

-'Brigid' Card from 'The Goddess Oracle', illustrated by Hrana Janto

-The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky


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