Larks Head Tutorial

This is the most simple way to attach your rope to your branch/dowel and begin your macrame wall hanging!

You can also use this knot to add layers and incorporate more cords into your macrame pieces, and so much more!


You will need:

-tape measure


-branch* or dowel

-desired amount of rope (this will vary depending on what you are creating)


Creating the knot:

1- Find the centre of the cord by folding it in half

2- Pass the loop over or under (depending on the desired look) the top of the branch/dowel

3- Feed the rest of the cord through the loop and pull tight

4- Continue until all cords are attached

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, tag me me in any creations you make if you've used this knot! I would love to see (@lyraandatlas on Instagram and Facebook)

Hayleigh Xx


*always be sure to find your branches in a sustainable way, if they are freshly cut or damp at all, allow them to dry fully and some branches may need to be stripped and cleaned before they can be used - inspect regularly to ensure they don't contain any bugs.


COPYRIGHT - All credit to Hayleigh Walker (Lyra&Atlas)

Cord: 4mm Single Ply by WhimsyDesignsUK

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