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Spiral/Half Square Knot Tutorial

This is a knot which uses four cords, two working cords (the outer two) and two cords in the middle which are used to work around.

This is a knot I find extremely therapeutic as it is very repetitive, it's essentially half of a square knot repeated!

You can switch the directions to switch the way the knot spirals. (e.g. left becomes right and right becomes left).


You will need: -tape measure -scissors -branch* or dowel -desired amount of rope (this will vary depending on what you are creating)


Creating the knot:

1- Gather your four cords, and bring the left cord over the centre two cords and under the right cord

2- Thread the right cord under the centre two cords then up and over the left cord

3 - Pull both working cords to tighter, keeping the centre cords flat

4- Repeat steps 1-3 until you reach the desired length/look

If you use this tutorial, I would love to see what you create! Let me know if you've found it helpful and share photos on Instagram or Facebook by tagging @lyraandatlas

Hayleigh Xx


*always be sure to find your branches in a sustainable way, if they are freshly cut or damp at all, allow them to dry fully and some branches may need to be stripped and cleaned before they can be used - inspect regularly to ensure they don't contain any bugs.


COPYRIGHT - All credit to Hayleigh Walker (Lyra&Atlas)

Cord: 4mm Single Ply by WhimsyDesignsUK

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