Birch Macrame Dreamcatcher with Quartz

Birch Macrame Dreamcatcher with Quartz


A macrame dreamcatcher crafted with recycled cotton, a quartz inclusion and held by protective birch energy.

*Birch is associated with protection - traditionally used for moses baskets as a way to protect the inncoent spirit held within.
*The birch tree is also accociated with strength and renewal.
*Quartz is the master healer; with balancing and amplifying vibrations.
*Traditionally, a Witches Besom or Broom incorporates birch branches.
*The birch in this creation has been hand forraged from my childhood garden with love and care and my children play beneath this tree often.

Your dreamcatcher will be intuitively picked.
Approx size: 15cm wide, 55cm long

The feathers on these pieces are another little nod to the planet we live on - they are created with lots of time, love and scrap cotton from other creations.

Due to the nature of this product, no two items will be identical.


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Imbued with magic.

Planet friendly ethos woven into every piece.