Black Obsidian Moon Necklace

Black Obsidian Moon Necklace


A dark grey hemp wrapped Black Obsidian Moon with tactile lava beads, perfect for adding a drop of essential oils as your own personal diffuser.


Black Obsidian is a type of glass like rock formed by cooled volcanic lava.Often, this stone is used as a protective stone and for deep emotional healing and trauma.

Lava beads are created from cooled molten rock and their porous texture makes them wonderful for holding essential oils and as diffusers. Take care not to apply the oil to the hemp, although.


Visualisation - Holding black obsidian, focus on your breathing and allow all of your negative thoughts and energy and trauma to flow through you into the stone. Feel it's weight increase as it absorbs this fog and allows you to shed what holds you down.This is a visualisation I use very often - I always cleanse the stone after use either with smoke or visualisation, but the most important thing is intention.


Fully adjustable.