Chakra Bunting (Pre-Order)

Chakra Bunting (Pre-Order)

MADE TO ORDER* Macrame bunting created with recycled cotton and adorned with seven crystals to reflect the seven chakras.Crystals WILL vary but will always reflect the appropriate chakra.Pictured is: quartz, amethyst, blue calcite, green calcite, citrine (heat treated), orange calcite and red calcite (these will vary)The perfect piece to add to any wellness spaces or to add to your home.Approx Measurments:130cm long, 100cm drop *Made to order turnaround time approx 2 weeks. Whist the same pattern and measurments will be followed, be sure to know that your piece will be as indiciual as you are - no two pieces ever come out 100% identical.

Witney, Oxfordshire


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