Hemp Treasure Pouch

Hemp Treasure Pouch


Macrame medicine pouch - hand knotted with hemp and wooden beads upcycled from a necklace. Adjustable.

Inspired by Native American medicine pouches.

Medicine pouches - or medicine bags - originate from Native America. They traditionally contained sacred items to the person wearing them, which were often used in rituals. They are believed to hold supernatural powers which is why many held the symbolic items; promoting luck, prosperity, good health or even carrying animal spirits.

This beautiful macrame treasure pouch is the perfect way to keep precious energy with you wherever you go.

These pouches can hold approx two small-medium tumbles.


The usable part of the pouch is:

6.5cm in length

4cm in width

These are made with natural hemp cord, so please allow for some fraying if the tassels at the bottom.


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