Lyra Wall Hanging

Lyra Wall Hanging

Lyra Wall Hanging with Crystal Inclusion

Lyra is a very special name for us as a family. I was drawn to the name for our daughter, using it as her second name (Eden Lyra) and this piece is inspired by her and the reason for choosing this name.
This original piece hangs above her bed.

10% of profits from this piece will go to the Ocean Ward charity - the ward who looked after our Eden after her open heart surgery in November 2019.
Crystal inclusion of your choice, see available options.
Branch will vary, but be of similar size.
15.5cm Wide (approx)
37cm Long (from branch - approx)
A little about Lyra in Greek Mythology:

The word Lyra comes from Greek mythology to most, and is predated to the humanoid race, the Lyrans, even before that.
The Lyre was placed in the sky after the death of Orpheous, the son of Calliope. He was known for using the Lyre to charm even the rivers, the trees and the rocks.
The Lyre was created by Hermes, the messenger God, from a tortoise shell - he created this to give to Apollo after stealing his sacred cattle.
Apollo them taught Orpheus to play the Lyre.
Lyra: the womb of the humanoid race:

The Lyre had seven strings, as the seven daughters of Atlas - or the Pliades.
Long before our time on Earth, the Lyra constellation was said to be the womb of the humanoid race.
After the fall of Lyra, came Pliadians, Atlantians, Vegans and so on.
The Lyra constellation can be seen in the Northern Sky.
Crystal Inclusion

A:   Witney, Oxfordshire


Lyra & Atlas

LYRA & ATLAS || KNOTS & ROCKS (2020) EST 2017