Tara - Goddess Wall Hanging

Tara - Goddess Wall Hanging


Goddess Tara featuring Rose Quartz inclusiong- a creation from the Goddess Scrolls: Inner Goddess Challenge.

Made to order*

Serenity. Calm. Beauty. Vision.

Held by watery Willow energy, featuring a flower pocket with a rose quartz chunk gently nestled inside, all seeing eyes representing awakened senses and flowing, calm layers.

Too often we are so fast paced, caught up in the rat race and to do lists. Do we listen to ourselves? To what our bodies need? Or do we ignore or miss the whispers and until our minds and bodies have to shout for out attention?

Tara reminds us to open our senses, to slow down. She makes us feel at peace, soft and safe - tsking away any guilt we paint ourselves with for you in peace.

This piece is made to order - the piece photographed will be replicated (as she already has a new home) and will take up to two weeks to create.
Please pop me a message if you have any questions or need her sooner!

Width: 54cm
Drop from branch: 81cm


*Made to order turnaround time approx 2 weeks***. Whist the same pattern and measurments will be followed, be sure to know that your piece will be as indiciual as you are - no two pieces ever come out 100% identical.


A:   Witney, Oxfordshire

E:  lyraandatlas@gmail.com

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