The Eternal May Queen

The Eternal May Queen


Goddess Crieddylad (The May Queen)


Widest point: 23cm

Length: 65cm


The Eternal May Queen, Crieddylad (Cree-thil-ahd), returns each year to watch her lover and her abductor battle for her hand in marriage.

She is the Welsh Goddess of flowers and love (often compared to the Greek Goddess, Persephone) and is represented by Ivy - the power of life.

She comes to remind us that only by loving our true selves, can we be loved by and love others, and that balance and stability are achievable and important aspects of our lives.


A Macrame Interpretation:


Created using Willow energy (one of the nine woods of Beltane), she is held in a triangular shape to represent the love triangle in which she is eternally suspended. Flowing from underneath the flowers, these plaits and cotton represent the ribbons used in Maybush decoration and the leaf detail is a nod to Ivy and it's importance to Crieddylad.


Being the Goddess of Flowers, it seemed only fitting for her to be the first Macrame piece in which I have incorporated them. One holds Carnelian, a stone associated with fertility and the other holds Green Flourite - bringing harmony and balance and a spring like freshness to the chakras.


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