Treasure Pouch

Treasure Pouch


Inspired by Native American Medicine Bags/Pouches, this treasure pouch will aid you in keeping your precious items close, no matter where you go.


Traditionally, Medicine Pouches would contain items which reflect the wearer's spiritual journey and associations and would typically hold and an item each from:

The animal kingdom (e.g. shell)

The human kingdom (e.g. a photograph)

The plant kingdom (e.g. a sprig of rosemary)

The mineral kingdom (e.g. a stone)


These little treasure pouches can happily contain several small items - I often keep a shell and selection of crystals in mine.


Approx size of pouch space:

5.5cm in length

5cm in width


Made from 100% recycled cotton and the length is fully adjustable, meaning it can be worn short, long or anything in between.


*Contents pictured NOT included*


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