Here are a few little pointers on ways to look after your macrame:

*On arrival, your piece is likely to be a little squashed and out of shape. The best way to get it back to its best is to hang it up and allow it to drop into shape. Spirals and plaits may need to be gently manipulated back into place and fringe and feathers will benefit from a gentle brush with a fine tooth comb or pet brush.

*Wearable pieces and amulets should not be worn or carried in water or with perfumes and oils to avoid damage to the fibres.

*Never machine wash your macrame pieces. If they become marked, gently spot clean with a little water or very weak water and vinegar solution UNLESS the piece is dyed or coloured.

*Try to keep your macrame out of direct sunlight as this may cause fading, especially to coloured pieces.



Crystals vary in size, colour, shape, hardness and so much more.

Many crystals cannot be submerged in water and some will lose their colour in the light - it is always best to check depending on specific crystal how best to care for them.


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