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Workshop FAQs


Why join a workshop with Lyra & Atlas?

Hayleigh founded Lyra & Atlas as a coping mechanism for post natal depression after the birth of her second child, and she is keen to share this immersive and therapeutic craft far and wide; whether it's to bring some peace to the monkey mind, to keep hands busy or just to enjoy a new craft.

The main focus is coming together in circle to create, release and rise.

What can I expect from a Lyra & Atlas workshop?

We sit in circle - with the option of herbal tea, pulling cards, setting intentions and grounding through a short meditation - before working through some of the most used macrame knots and beginning work on out piece.

These macrame workshops are designed to be suitable for all ages, abilities and creativity levels! There are demonstrations and diagrams as well as one to one help throughout the workshop.

There will always be a template as a guide, but you are free to knot as you please and create whatever flows from your hands.

All materials to create the pieces will be provided and are recycled, recyclable or foraged in a sustainable way and any food or drinks provided are vegan.

How long are Lyra & Atlas workshops?

On average, a plant hanger workshop is usually around 2-3 hours and a wall hanging workshop is usually around 4 hours.

Where can I attend a Lyra & Atlas workshop?

Lyra & Atlas is based in West Oxfordshire, but will happily travel to provide workshops (this will incur an additional fee)

How do I book a Lyra & Atlas workshop?

Please get in touch if you would like to book a one-to-one session or for a party, baby shower, wellness space or studio or if you have a retreat in mind! I would absolutely love to come along and share this beautiful creative therapy with you! Email or click here to fill in an enquiry form.

Do you attend retreats and events?

Hayleigh is always keen to gather with other hosts to bring a creative form of moving meditation to the space. Please get in touch to discuss, we would love to work together to amplify that magic.​

What about ceremonies?

Yes, absolutely! We can cater to the needs and wants of the people joining in circle; from adding some flower crowns and herb bundles to the mix, to getting artistic with some oracle and mantra card creation.

There are so many possibilities!

How much is a Lyra & Atlas workshop?

Costing varies depending on what we are creating, how many are attending, travel, renting of venues and such. It's best to get in touch to pop over an enquiry for a quote.

If you are wanting to attend a workshop but need a little help to cover costs, send me an email at and we can work something out. We like to be inclusive and available to all!

PLEASE NOTE: As someone who suffers from anxiety, please know that I understand if you want to come along but don't know if you feel comfortable. The sessions are very relaxed and I would be more than happy to meet before to walk you in!


Macrame Art, Knot Magic and Creative Circles

Imbued with magic.

Planet friendly ethos woven into every piece.

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